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How Much Does It Cost To Ride
ASC has two types of fares, General Public fares, which the passenger pays for their ride themselves and Contract fares, which the passenger's ride is covered under a contract between ASC and a third party.  

To find out the exact cost of your trip please call the ASC Office at 353-5626, extension 203.


General Public Fares

The cost of your trip depends on the distance between your pick up point and your destination. 

Our service area is divided into "Grid Areas".  Each "Grid Area" is approximately five (5) square miles.

Each one-way trip costs $1.00 base fare for the first initial "Grid Area" and an additional 50 cents for each additional "Grid Area" traveled. 

For example
a trip from Lucasville to
Portsmouth involves travel in three (3) "Grid Areas". The cost for this trip would equal $1.00 for the first "Grid Area" and 50 cents each for the other three "Grid Areas" traveled. 

The total cost of the trip would equal: $1.00 + .50 + .50 = $2.00.  To find
out the exact cost of a trip between two points in the service area call the ASC office at 353-5626, ext. 203.

General Public Elderly & Disabled or Child Reduced Fares

Passengers who are at least 65 years old, disabled or children 12 and under are eligible for a reduced fare.

With the Elderly &Disabled (E&D) or Child Reduced Fare each one-way trip costs 50- cents base fare for the first initial "Grid Area" and an additional 25 cents for each additional "Grid Area" traveled. 

To apply for the E&D or Child Reduced Fare contact ASC at 353-5626.

Paying for Your Ride

Passengers must pay their fare with correct change, a ticket or be covered by a contract upon boarding the ASC vehicle. 

Passengers without fare will not be transported.

You may be eligible for one of the many programs offered by the Scioto County Dept. of Job & Services that can pay for your transportation. 

For more information call the ASC office at 353-5626.

Donations to ASC are gladly accepted, however tipping the driver is not permitted.

ASC Tickets

For convenience, or if you don't want to carry cash, or to ensure that you have correct change or if you are paying for someone else’s trip and don't particularly want to give them cash, you may chose to purchase an ASC Ticket.

The ticket is use just like cash to pay for you bus ride.

Each ticket is divided into 30-squares.   Each square represents a $1.00.   

You can purchase a ticket in any amount from $5.00 to $30.00.   

For example if you purchase a $10.00 ticket all the squares on the ticket will be marked off except for the first ten.

To use your ticket to pay for your trip just present the ticket to your driver each time you ride and the driver will mark off the appropriate amount of the trip by marking off squares or portions of squares on your ticket. 

When your ticket is completely used up your driver will keep the ticket to be turned into the office.

To purchase a ticket simply ask your driver or stop by the ASC office at 601 8th Street between 8 A.M. - 4 P.M.  

Example of an ASC Ticket